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  • $45,000.00 Soft Tissue Settlement for a Drunk Driver Head on Collision

    The plaintiff, a Watertown, Connecticut resident, was a passenger in a motor vehicle operated by her son on Park Road in Waterbury, Connecticut. The defendant attempted to leave the parking lot of "The Hills" restaurant and drove into the plaintiff's proper lane of travel striking the automobile that the plaintiff passenger was in head on. The defendant was intoxicated with BAC test results which ...
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  • $100,000.00 Full Liability Policy Settlement for a Head on Collision with a Drunk Driver

    The plaintiff was seventeen years of age from Watertown, Connecticut. He was hit head on by a drunk driver who had been drinking at "The Hills" restaurant on Park Road in Waterbury, Connecticut. His frontal air bags to his mother's Honda Pilot were deployed. The defendant was a young woman from Wolcott, Connecticut who had been drinking at a Christmas party. She was operating a motor vehicle while ...
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  • Dog Bite Attack - $45,000.00 Settlement

    The plaintiff, a health care professional, was a resident of Beacon Falls, Connecticut. She was attacked and bitten twice while jogging on her street by a neighbors' Dalmatian/Hound mix. The attack happened within her residential neighborhood in front of the defendant's residence. The injury resulted in puncture wounds leaving significant contour depression and reduced pigmentation to the back of ...
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  • $115,000.00 Knee Injury Stipulated Judgment

    The claimant, from Watertown, Connecticut, injured his knee when he slipped on a wet floor at work while working for United Health Group. He required multiple arthroscopic knee surgeries, pain medication and Synvisc injections. He also had significant preexisting degeneration of the knee and prior knee surgery before his work related accident. His treating physician refused to rate him for ...
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  • Super Market Slip and Fall - $49,000.00 Settlement

    The Rotatori Law Firm recently took on an injury case involving a slip and fall in front of a super market in Brookfield, CT. The plaintiff was a resident of Roxbury, Connecticut who attempted to go grocery shopping at the Brookfield, Connecticut Shop Rite Supermarket. Upon attempting to enter the store, the plaintiff fell on the sidewalk over a dislodged piece of wood that was supposedly at one ...
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  • $149,000.00 Settlement at Mediation for a Nursing Home Fall After Suit

    The plaintiff was a medical records assistant who required a knee replacement. After hospitalization for her knee replacement surgery, the plaintiff required skilled nursing home care for rehabilitation. Upon admission to the nursing home, the plaintiff was left on the side of her bed and asked to sign some admissions papers. Immediately prior to nursing home admission, the plaintiff was medicated ...
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  • Proving a Connecticut Dram Shop Claim Against a Liquor Establishment Requires Proof of a Bar Patron's Visible Intoxication

    A dram shop claim in Connecticut is a suit against a seller of alcohol to an intoxicated person where the purchaser in consequence of intoxication injures a third parties property or causes personal injury. The specific dram shop statute is Connecticut General Statute 30 - 102. The Connecticut legislature has by statute capped the exposure of a restaurant, bar or liquor establishment at ...
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    The Connecticut Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to address Senate Bill 1028 which is "An Act Concerning the Tolling of the Statute of Limitations for a Negligence Action Brought by a Minor". Connecticut is the only state in the country that does not allow some form of tolling for minors injured by the negligence of others. The majority of states allow minors to bring cases after the age of ...
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  • Are You Negligent When You Fail To Follow Your Automobile Service Manual ?

    When was the last time you brought your motor vehicle in for service at the dealership where you bought your car ? Did the Connecticut auto repair service manager ask you if you wanted the standard service maintenance work performed for the noted mileage on your automobile? Did you decline to follow the vehicle's maintenance schedule ? Did you tell the automobile technician to just "change the ...
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