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  • Injuries from Defective Parking Lot Falls

    For many years, The Rotatori Law Firm has represented many personal injury clients who have fallen in retail store and/ or commercial parking lots. One of the most dangerous premises defects we have found is the parking lot wheel stop. The parking lot wheel stop is often found in parking lots at strip malls, commercial office buildings and grocery stores. You may see one at a Home Depot, Lowes or ...
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  • Connecticut Premises Liability: Snow Ice and Wind Roof Failure

    The Rotatori Law Firm would like to thank the outstanding civil engineering firm of George Torello, Engineers, PC. for a seminar they provided on October 25, 2011 on Roof Failures in Connecticut. This informative seminar was given in Litchfield, Connecticut at the Tollgate Hill Inn. The topics covered factor of safety design philosophies in roof construction, ice damming in the Connecticut winter ...
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  • Connecticut Child Infant Car Seats

    With my expected new born scheduled to arrive at the end of October, I had the good fortune of having to install my first infant-only car seat. As a seasoned Connecticut "car" accident lawyer, I took it upon myself to inspect a variety of brands. These car seat brands included a Britax, a Chicco and a Graco. This blog is sounding like an automobile liability insurance commercial! Never the less, I ...
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  • Depositions in Connecticut Personal Injury Cases

    Clients always ask what is the purpose of taking a deposition? In order to understand why in a civil case an attorney representing a party takes a deposition, we must first understand what a deposition is. A deposition is a pretrial procedure. A deposition is taken in front of a court reporter. The court reporter transcribes oral testimony to a written form called a transcript. To be more blunt, ...
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  • Car Accidents, DUI & The Privilege Against Self Incrimination

    A recent civil deposition discovery issue that our office faced in a Connecticut automobile negligence case was how to handle a defendant deponent who asserted his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. The defendant refused to answer questions on virtually every topic that he was questioned on.The defendant deponent had a pending DUI criminal case that had not been fully resolved. ...
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