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  • $85,000.00 Automobile Accident Personal Injury Settlement

    Positional Vertigo and Tinnitus Caused by a Double Impact Rear End Collision in Newtown, Connecticut. The plaintiff, a Southbury resident, was rear ended in Newtown, Connecticut on Sugar Street at the intersection of Sugar Street and Sugar Lane. The force of the collision caused the plaintiff to be pushed into a stationary motor vehicle. The defendant, a seventeen year old driving his mother's ...
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  • $65,000.00 Slip and Fall Injury Case Settlement

    Top 100 Connecticut Trial Lawyer Peter Rotatori, III Settles another Private Residence Slip and Fall Knee, Back and Shoulder Premises Liability Case The plaintiff was an Ansonia, New Haven County Connecticut resident who attempted to deliver flower bed fertilizer to the defendant a resident of New Milford, Connecticut. While exiting his pickup truck, the plaintiff slipped and fell on black ice ...
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  • Construction Accident Case - $300,000.00

    Construction Accident Attorney Peter Rotatori, Ill Successfully Resolves an OSHA Excavation Trench Liability Fall Case For in Excess of $300,000.00 Plus a Full Substantial Employer Workers' Compensation Subrogation Lien Waiver. The plaintiff was an experienced excavator and heavy equipment operator from Newtown, Connecticut. He was employed by a construction company constructing an addition to an ...
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  • Waterbury, CT Underinsured Motorist Automobile Accident Injury Settlement

    The plaintiff was a medical student at New York Medical College. She was a passenger in a motor vehicle owned and operated by her friend which was rear ended at the intersection of Scott Road and Plank Road in the City of Waterbury. The defendant, from Waterbury, told the investigating police officer that her shoe slipped off causing her to lose control of her motor vehicle. In essence, the ...
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  • Wrongful Disclaimer of Liability Insurance Triggers Uninsured Motorist Settlement

    A $35,000.00 uninsured motorist case was settled with Hanover Insurance Company on behalf of the plaintiff, an HVAC employee of Western Connecticut State University. The plaintiff, a resident of Wolcott, Connecticut, was driving east bound on Interstate 84 in Middlebury, Connecticut between exit 16 and 17, when the right rear wheel from a vehicle driven by a New Jersey defendant came off. The ...
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  • Settlement of $100,000.00 Recovered

    $100,000.00 Automobile policy tendered by Geico after a trial management conference before the Honorable Joseph Pellegrino for a rear end collision case filed in the Waterbury Superior Court. The plaintiff, from Terryville, Connecticut, was a culinary school graduate who operated a coffee house and catering business in Prospect, Connecticut. She was rear ended in Prospect, Connecticut on Scott ...
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  • CT Elderly Defendant's Carrier Tenders Full Auto Policy Limit

    A $50,000.00 settlement was procured from the Hartford Insurance Company paid on behalf of a Woodbury defendant. The New Milford, Connecticut plaintiff was a mason by trade. He was traveling on Woodbury Road in Watertown, Connecticut when he was cut off by an elderly defendant making a left hand turn. The plaintiff suffered low back pain, radiating leg pain, a herniated disc at the L5-S1, ...
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  • Watertown CT Car Accident Lawyer Settlement Blog

    The plaintiff was a hairdresser who lived in Bethlehem, Connecticut. She was stopped in traffic on Straits Turnpike in Watertown waiting to make a left hand turn when she was rear ended by an Oakville, Connecticut defendant. The plaintiff was hit by the defendant at a moderate rate of speed which resulted in modest vehicular crush damage. An independant witness who operated a motor vehicle in back ...
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  • CT Car Accident Settlement Blog

    The defendant was operating a Toyota Camary on Route 8 North in Seymour Connecticut during a rain storm. The defendant operator, from Waterbury, Connecticut, drove into a rain puddle which caused a spin out into a jersey barrier after the defendant's automobile hydroplaned. The defendant's rate of speed was arguably excessive for the weather conditions but it did rise to a level of recklessness. ...
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  • CT Slip & Fall Premises Liability Attorney Settlement Blog

    The plaintiff was a retired Ridgefield, Connecticut school janitor who lived in Woodbury, Connecticut. In May of 2011, after completing his shopping at the Southbury K-Mart Plaza, he tripped and fell over a wheel stop that abutted a sidewalk within the plaza parking lot. The net result was a fracture of his right femoral shaft. There were no witnesses. The plaintiff died of unrelated causes ...
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  • CT Car Accident Lawyer Settlement Blog

    The plaintiff motor vehicle operator was an LPN from Wolcott, Connecticut. She was hit by a Propsect, Connecticut defendant on New Years day in 2012 in Prospect, Connecticut on a local road. The defendant crossed over the center of the roadway while driving around a blind corner. The defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to keep his automobile under proper and reasonable control and ...
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