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  • Connecticut Uninsured Motorist Automobile Step Down Coverage

    It happends all too often. A new client comes into the office after being negligently struck by a motor vehicle operator who fails to carry any automobile insurance coverage. Recently, The Rotatori Law Firm settled an uninsured motorist case where our client was paid the full minimum uninsured motorist policy limits of $20,000.00. The client was a pleasant elderly women from Woodbury, Connecticut. ...
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  • Torrington CT Car Accident Neck & Back Injury Lawyer Blog

    The Rotatori Law Firm successfully resolved another cervical spine and low back strain sprain soft tissue car accident personal injury case after filing a lawsuit in the Litchfield Connecticut Superior Court. The injured plaintiff was a culinary school graduate from Torrington, Connecticut. The defendant, who lived in Stafford Spring, Connecticut, made a left hand turn into the plaintiff's lane of ...
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  • Are You Negligent When You Fail To Follow Your Automobile Service Manual ?

    When was the last time you brought your motor vehicle in for service at the dealership where you bought your car ? Did the Connecticut auto repair service manager ask you if you wanted the standard service maintenance work performed for the noted mileage on your automobile? Did you decline to follow the vehicle's maintenance schedule ? Did you tell the automobile technician to just "change the ...
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  • West Hartford Car Accident Cervical Strain Personal Injury Settlement

    Perspective clients often ask me "Why do I need a personal injury attorney to handle my rear end collision car accident case when I can handle it myself and not have to pay an attorney one-third of my settlement proceeds?" My response to them is your asking the wrong question. The question you should be asking me is "why should I be filing a lawsuit instead of accepting the settlement offer being ...
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  • Settlement in a Cervical Soft Tissue Car Accident Injury Case

    The Rotatori Law Firm recently settled a soft tissue cervical strain/sprain injury for $33,000.00. The case was settled after suit was filed in the Waterbury Superior Court. The plaintiff was a tax analyst from Watertown, Connecticut. She was rear ended in Woodbury, Connecticut by a Woodbury defendant. The plaintiff had her automobile turn signal on and was waiting to make a left hand turn down a ...
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  • Stamford Car Accident Lawyer Injury Settlement Blog

    The Rotatori Law Firm in September of 2012 successfully settled an automobile collision case for a car accident that happened near the intersection of White Street and Balmforth Avenue in Danbury, Connecticut. The injured plaintiff was a pleasant, hard working women employed as a factory worker in Brewster, New York. She spoke broken English. The defendant operator resided in Danbury, Connecticut. ...
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  • Connecticut Auto Accident Liability Insurance Exhaustion Coverage

    So you were rear ended in Connecticut in an automobile accident sustaining some serious personal injuries. It may have been on a local road, back road or a state highway. The defendant that hit you was operating his friends car. The owner of the car was only carrying a $20,000/$40,000 minimum Connecticut automobile liability policy. You. however, were smart enough to buy some significant ...
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  • Connecticut Motor Vehicle Operator Negligence

    So you were travelling down one of the many Connecticut state highways or roadways. It may have been a local road or an interstate such as I 84, I 91 or I 95. A Connecticut DOT truck operator decides to abruptly change lanes and side swipes your automobile while clearing highway snow. Better yet, maybe you were rear ended by a Connecticut State Police Trooper at a traffic light. Finally, maybe as ...
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  • Connecticut Child Infant Car Seats

    With my expected new born scheduled to arrive at the end of October, I had the good fortune of having to install my first infant-only car seat. As a seasoned Connecticut "car" accident lawyer, I took it upon myself to inspect a variety of brands. These car seat brands included a Britax, a Chicco and a Graco. This blog is sounding like an automobile liability insurance commercial! Never the less, I ...
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