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  • $100,000.00 Full Liability Policy Settlement for a Head on Collision with a Drunk Driver

    The plaintiff was seventeen years of age from Watertown, Connecticut. He was hit head on by a drunk driver who had been drinking at "The Hills" restaurant on Park Road in Waterbury, Connecticut. His frontal air bags to his mother's Honda Pilot were deployed. The defendant was a young woman from Wolcott, Connecticut who had been drinking at a Christmas party. She was operating a motor vehicle while ...
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  • Waterbury, CT Underinsured Motorist Automobile Accident Injury Settlement

    The plaintiff was a medical student at New York Medical College. She was a passenger in a motor vehicle owned and operated by her friend which was rear ended at the intersection of Scott Road and Plank Road in the City of Waterbury. The defendant, from Waterbury, told the investigating police officer that her shoe slipped off causing her to lose control of her motor vehicle. In essence, the ...
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  • Wrongful Disclaimer of Liability Insurance Triggers Uninsured Motorist Settlement

    A $35,000.00 uninsured motorist case was settled with Hanover Insurance Company on behalf of the plaintiff, an HVAC employee of Western Connecticut State University. The plaintiff, a resident of Wolcott, Connecticut, was driving east bound on Interstate 84 in Middlebury, Connecticut between exit 16 and 17, when the right rear wheel from a vehicle driven by a New Jersey defendant came off. The ...
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  • Connecticut Uninsured Motorist Automobile Step Down Coverage

    It happends all too often. A new client comes into the office after being negligently struck by a motor vehicle operator who fails to carry any automobile insurance coverage. Recently, The Rotatori Law Firm settled an uninsured motorist case where our client was paid the full minimum uninsured motorist policy limits of $20,000.00. The client was a pleasant elderly women from Woodbury, Connecticut. ...
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  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Examinations Under Oath

    Have you ever read your automobile policy? If you have, you will find that your automobile carrier, just like your homeowner's carrier or general liability carrier has reserved its right to take what is called "an examination under oath". Your next question should be what does that mean? It basically means that your insurance carrier has the right to ask you questions about the facts and ...
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  • Connecticut Auto Accident Liability Insurance Exhaustion Coverage

    So you were rear ended in Connecticut in an automobile accident sustaining some serious personal injuries. It may have been on a local road, back road or a state highway. The defendant that hit you was operating his friends car. The owner of the car was only carrying a $20,000/$40,000 minimum Connecticut automobile liability policy. You. however, were smart enough to buy some significant ...
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