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  • Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney Hold Harmless & Indemnification Release Language

    So you have been diligently prosecuting your client's personal injury case for many years. After doing your due diligence as a practicing personal injury attorney, you have worked out a six figure settlement with the defendant's counsel after many depositions, pre-trials, status conferences, a trial management conference or maybe the start of trial. In fact, you probably have reported the case as ...
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  • Connecticut Workers' Compensation Third Party Employer Liens

    When an injured worker in a Connecticut work related accident asserts a civil third party claim against a wrongdoer / tortfeasor, the employer through its insurance carrier has a right to be paid back for the indemnity and medical compensation benefits paid under Connecticut General Statute 31-293. A battle between the employer and the employee that has arisen for many years has been whether the ...
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