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  • West Hartford Car Accident Cervical Strain Personal Injury Settlement

    Perspective clients often ask me "Why do I need a personal injury attorney to handle my rear end collision car accident case when I can handle it myself and not have to pay an attorney one-third of my settlement proceeds?" My response to them is your asking the wrong question. The question you should be asking me is "why should I be filing a lawsuit instead of accepting the settlement offer being ...
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  • Pedestrian Slip & Falls From Driveway Speed Bumps

    How many times have you driven into a Connecticut parking lot at a public office building, office park, school, strip mall or luxury resort hotel and had to negotiate a speed bump? Have you ever considered that the speed bump that you recently drove over may be classified as a defect in the world of Connecticut premises liability law ? Designing and installing a speed bump requires a utility ...
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  • The Exploding Log Caddy Wheel Product Liability Case

    Why do we really bring product liability injury claims? Most plaintiffs want to be financially compensated for personal injuries caused by a product retailer or manufacturer "seller" of a dangerous and defective product. Payment of money damages by an insurance company for ensuing liability is how our system of justice works. How many of us really care about safety in the world we live in? Where ...
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