Dog Bite Attack - $45,000.00 Settlement

The plaintiff, a health care professional, was a resident of Beacon Falls, Connecticut. She was attacked and bitten twice while jogging on her street by a neighbors' Dalmatian/Hound mix. The attack happened within her residential neighborhood in front of the defendant's residence.

The injury resulted in puncture wounds leaving significant contour depression and reduced pigmentation to the back of the plaintiff's leg. The medical special damages were $3,500.00 with $5,000.00 estimated for future surgical scar revision. The plaintiff's plastic surgeon expert was Dr. John Lee. The remaining residual scars measured 2cm and 3 cm's respectively. The plaintiff decided not to have surgical scar revision.

The defendant was insured by Allstate Insurance Company. Our office propounded a strict liability claim under Connecticut's "Dog Bite" statute. This case was resolved prior to suit. A copy of the proposed writ, summons and complaint was sent to the adjuster as part of the plaintiffs demand package.

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