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  • $80,000.00 Private School Playground Right Arm Injury Settlement

    The plaintiff child, from Waterbury, Connecticut, was attending private school when he was using a play scape during recess. The plaintiff fell off the playscape fracturing his right arm. The thrust of the plaintiff minor's case was that the play scape did not have an adequate supply of protective ground surfacing. The plaintiff hired a certified playground expert. The plaintiff had surgery ...
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  • $115,000.00 Knee Injury Stipulated Judgment

    The claimant, from Watertown, Connecticut, injured his knee when he slipped on a wet floor at work while working for United Health Group. He required multiple arthroscopic knee surgeries, pain medication and Synvisc injections. He also had significant preexisting degeneration of the knee and prior knee surgery before his work related accident. His treating physician refused to rate him for ...
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  • Super Market Slip and Fall - $49,000.00 Settlement

    The Rotatori Law Firm recently took on an injury case involving a slip and fall in front of a super market in Brookfield, CT. The plaintiff was a resident of Roxbury, Connecticut who attempted to go grocery shopping at the Brookfield, Connecticut Shop Rite Supermarket. Upon attempting to enter the store, the plaintiff fell on the sidewalk over a dislodged piece of wood that was supposedly at one ...
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  • $149,000.00 Settlement at Mediation for a Nursing Home Fall After Suit

    The plaintiff was a medical records assistant who required a knee replacement. After hospitalization for her knee replacement surgery, the plaintiff required skilled nursing home care for rehabilitation. Upon admission to the nursing home, the plaintiff was left on the side of her bed and asked to sign some admissions papers. Immediately prior to nursing home admission, the plaintiff was medicated ...
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  • Proving a Connecticut Dram Shop Claim Against a Liquor Establishment Requires Proof of a Bar Patron's Visible Intoxication

    A dram shop claim in Connecticut is a suit against a seller of alcohol to an intoxicated person where the purchaser in consequence of intoxication injures a third parties property or causes personal injury. The specific dram shop statute is Connecticut General Statute 30 - 102. The Connecticut legislature has by statute capped the exposure of a restaurant, bar or liquor establishment at ...
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  • $65,000.00 Slip and Fall Injury Case Settlement

    Top 100 Connecticut Trial Lawyer Peter Rotatori, III Settles another Private Residence Slip and Fall Knee, Back and Shoulder Premises Liability Case The plaintiff was an Ansonia, New Haven County Connecticut resident who attempted to deliver flower bed fertilizer to the defendant a resident of New Milford, Connecticut. While exiting his pickup truck, the plaintiff slipped and fell on black ice ...
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  • Pedestrian Slip & Falls From Driveway Speed Bumps

    How many times have you driven into a Connecticut parking lot at a public office building, office park, school, strip mall or luxury resort hotel and had to negotiate a speed bump? Have you ever considered that the speed bump that you recently drove over may be classified as a defect in the world of Connecticut premises liability law ? Designing and installing a speed bump requires a utility ...
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  • Connecticut Premises Liability: The Element of Control

    For a Connecticut defendant to be liable in a premises liability "fall down case", the defendant must first be in control of the area where the defect exists. A recent case which discussed this very rudimentary premises liabilty rule was Mercado v Hawkins, 54 CLR 419. In Hawkins, a condominium unit owner leased out a condo unit to a tenant. The plaintiff's personal injuries occurred in a common ...
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  • Fairfield County Defective Highway Premises Liability Claims

    Before the Connecticut legislature passed the highway defect statute, the State of Connecticut had immunity for personal injuries caused by a defective state highway, sidewalk, overhead traffic light, ditch, gravel sand, raised asphalt, debris or wet leaves located in, upon, or near the traveled portion of a state controlled roadway.The state highway defect statute known as Connecticut General ...
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  • Injuries from Defective Parking Lot Falls

    For many years, The Rotatori Law Firm has represented many personal injury clients who have fallen in retail store and/ or commercial parking lots. One of the most dangerous premises defects we have found is the parking lot wheel stop. The parking lot wheel stop is often found in parking lots at strip malls, commercial office buildings and grocery stores. You may see one at a Home Depot, Lowes or ...
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  • Connecticut Premises Liability: Snow Ice and Wind Roof Failure

    The Rotatori Law Firm would like to thank the outstanding civil engineering firm of George Torello, Engineers, PC. for a seminar they provided on October 25, 2011 on Roof Failures in Connecticut. This informative seminar was given in Litchfield, Connecticut at the Tollgate Hill Inn. The topics covered factor of safety design philosophies in roof construction, ice damming in the Connecticut winter ...
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