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  • Proving a Connecticut Dram Shop Claim Against a Liquor Establishment Requires Proof of a Bar Patron's Visible Intoxication

    A dram shop claim in Connecticut is a suit against a seller of alcohol to an intoxicated person where the purchaser in consequence of intoxication injures a third parties property or causes personal injury. The specific dram shop statute is Connecticut General Statute 30 - 102. The Connecticut legislature has by statute capped the exposure of a restaurant, bar or liquor establishment at ...
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  • $225,000.00 Underinsured Motorist Settlement

    The plaintiff, a physical therapist, was a resident of Watertown who was shopping within the Southbury Plaza in Southbury, Connecticut. While talking to a friend within a designated crossing area, she was struck on her right lower extremity by a car operated by a women from Heritage Village. She suffered neck pain, right arm pain, low back pain, headaches and bruising to her right lower extremity. ...
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  • Pedestrian Slip & Falls From Driveway Speed Bumps

    How many times have you driven into a Connecticut parking lot at a public office building, office park, school, strip mall or luxury resort hotel and had to negotiate a speed bump? Have you ever considered that the speed bump that you recently drove over may be classified as a defect in the world of Connecticut premises liability law ? Designing and installing a speed bump requires a utility ...
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