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  • Connecticut Neck & Back Preexisting Injuries

    A topic that frequently is addressed in a civil personal injury jury trial is the plaintiff's right to full compensation for personal injuries where the plaintiff has a preexisting condition but the condition was not symptomatic at the time the plaintiff was injured. In your typical car accident neck and back injury tort case, the majority of plaintiff's have some form of a preexisting ...
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  • Fairfield County Defective Highway Premises Liability Claims

    Before the Connecticut legislature passed the highway defect statute, the State of Connecticut had immunity for personal injuries caused by a defective state highway, sidewalk, overhead traffic light, ditch, gravel sand, raised asphalt, debris or wet leaves located in, upon, or near the traveled portion of a state controlled roadway.The state highway defect statute known as Connecticut General ...
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  • Connecticut Civil Car Accident DUI Evidence

    One of the most frustrating issues that often arises in a Connecticut civil car accident personal injury case is the victim's ability to secure a police report where the offending criminal and civil defendant has been arrested for drunk driving. In a criminal DUI case, the local police department or the State Police in a highway case will not release a full unredacted version of the police report ...
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  • Connecticut Personal Injury Trial Attorney Proper Closing Argument

    Clients often wonder how a closing argument in a personal injury jury trial should be properly delivered by plaintiff's counsel to maximize the full impact of the plaintif's personal injuries, the defendant's liability for those injuries while at the same time insuring that the rules of fundamental fairness to the court, counsel and the parties are followed. It really is not that complicated. The ...
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