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Blog Posts in September, 2011

  • Connecticut Child Infant Car Seats

    With my expected new born scheduled to arrive at the end of October, I had the good fortune of having to install my first infant-only car seat. As a seasoned Connecticut "car" accident lawyer, I took it upon myself to inspect a variety of brands. These car seat brands included a Britax, a Chicco and a Graco. This blog is sounding like an automobile liability insurance commercial! Never the less, I ...
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  • Depositions in Connecticut Personal Injury Cases

    Clients always ask what is the purpose of taking a deposition? In order to understand why in a civil case an attorney representing a party takes a deposition, we must first understand what a deposition is. A deposition is a pretrial procedure. A deposition is taken in front of a court reporter. The court reporter transcribes oral testimony to a written form called a transcript. To be more blunt, ...
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  • Car Accidents, DUI & The Privilege Against Self Incrimination

    A recent civil deposition discovery issue that our office faced in a Connecticut automobile negligence case was how to handle a defendant deponent who asserted his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. The defendant refused to answer questions on virtually every topic that he was questioned on.The defendant deponent had a pending DUI criminal case that had not been fully resolved. ...
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