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  • The Rotatori Law Firm Opens a New Stamford Location

    Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Connecticut Clients The Rotatori Law Firm has been in practice for over 50 years. As our Connecticut personal injury firm continues to grow, we are ever looking to serve our clients better. One way we do this is by offering convenient and strategic office locations, such as our new location in Stamford, Connecticut! Join us in welcoming our practice to the ...
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  • Attorney Peter Rotatori Admitted to the AATA

    Connecticut personal injury attorney, Peter Rotatori, III has recently been admitted to the American Academy of Trial Attorneys. He is being recognized for his representation and legal advocacy for a wide range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, workers' compensation, and civil personal law injury. He has demonstrated committment to his clients and delivered countless positive ...
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  • Connecticut Workers' Comp $710,000.00 RSD Master Arm Award

    I was standing in line in the bank the other day. I heard a teller ridicule another co-worker for filing a Connecticut workers' compensation claim for falling on bank property. I heard the usual negative comments: this was an accident, how dare he file a claim, he's lucky he has a job and his injury isn't that serious. I immediately thought about the old proverb that "ignorance is bliss". I then ...
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