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  • $50,000.00 Neck, Low Back and Headache DUI Rear End Collision Settlement

    The plaintiff banker, from Prospect, Connecticut, was rear ended by a drunk driver in Waterbury. The drunk driver had a blood alcohol reading three times the legal limit. The rear end motor vehicle collision resulted in personal injuries to the plaintiffs head, cervical spine and low back. The plaintiff reported immediate neck and back pain to the investigating police officer. The plaintiff ...
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  • Southbury Rear End Automobile Collision Settles for $89,000.00

    The plaintiff, a resident of Southbury, was rear ended on Route 188 while stopped for a school bus by a Southbury owner/operator defendant. The negligent defendant failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to keep his automobile under proper control. The plaintiff, a Southbury Training School employee, suffered cervical strain, lumbar strain and positional vertigo. The plaintiff had difficulty ...
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  • $45,000.00 Soft Tissue Settlement for a Drunk Driver Head on Collision

    The plaintiff, a Watertown, Connecticut resident, was a passenger in a motor vehicle operated by her son on Park Road in Waterbury, Connecticut. The defendant attempted to leave the parking lot of "The Hills" restaurant and drove into the plaintiff's proper lane of travel striking the automobile that the plaintiff passenger was in head on. The defendant was intoxicated with BAC test results which ...
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  • $100,000.00 Full Liability Policy Settlement for a Head on Collision with a Drunk Driver

    The plaintiff was seventeen years of age from Watertown, Connecticut. He was hit head on by a drunk driver who had been drinking at "The Hills" restaurant on Park Road in Waterbury, Connecticut. His frontal air bags to his mother's Honda Pilot were deployed. The defendant was a young woman from Wolcott, Connecticut who had been drinking at a Christmas party. She was operating a motor vehicle while ...
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  • Proving a Connecticut Dram Shop Claim Against a Liquor Establishment Requires Proof of a Bar Patron's Visible Intoxication

    A dram shop claim in Connecticut is a suit against a seller of alcohol to an intoxicated person where the purchaser in consequence of intoxication injures a third parties property or causes personal injury. The specific dram shop statute is Connecticut General Statute 30 - 102. The Connecticut legislature has by statute capped the exposure of a restaurant, bar or liquor establishment at ...
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  • $85,000.00 Automobile Accident Personal Injury Settlement

    Positional Vertigo and Tinnitus Caused by a Double Impact Rear End Collision in Newtown, Connecticut. The plaintiff, a Southbury resident, was rear ended in Newtown, Connecticut on Sugar Street at the intersection of Sugar Street and Sugar Lane. The force of the collision caused the plaintiff to be pushed into a stationary motor vehicle. The defendant, a seventeen year old driving his mother's ...
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  • CT Drunk Driving Car Accident & Dram Shop Settlement

    Stamford personal injury car accident attorney Peter Rotatori, III of The Rotatori Law Firm recently successfully settled a drunk driving car accident and dram shop liability case for an aggregate settlement of $98,000.00 after multiple suits were filed on behalf of the injured plaintiff in the Waterbury Superior Court. The plaintiff was a Southbury, Connecticut housewife. Her automobile was ...
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  • Connecticut Civil Car Accident DUI Evidence

    One of the most frustrating issues that often arises in a Connecticut civil car accident personal injury case is the victim's ability to secure a police report where the offending criminal and civil defendant has been arrested for drunk driving. In a criminal DUI case, the local police department or the State Police in a highway case will not release a full unredacted version of the police report ...
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  • Car Accidents, DUI & The Privilege Against Self Incrimination

    A recent civil deposition discovery issue that our office faced in a Connecticut automobile negligence case was how to handle a defendant deponent who asserted his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. The defendant refused to answer questions on virtually every topic that he was questioned on.The defendant deponent had a pending DUI criminal case that had not been fully resolved. ...
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