Super Market Slip and Fall - $49,000.00 Settlement

The Rotatori Law Firm recently took on an injury case involving a slip and fall in front of a super market in Brookfield, CT.

The plaintiff was a resident of Roxbury, Connecticut who attempted to go grocery shopping at the Brookfield, Connecticut Shop Rite Supermarket. Upon attempting to enter the store, the plaintiff fell on the sidewalk over a dislodged piece of wood that was supposedly at one time used to secure the wheels of a display cart.

The plaintiff sustained low back strain and patellofemoral chondromalacia of the knee. There was no impairment assigned to either the low back or the knee. The plaintiff had both chiropractic care and orthopedic medical care. Suit was filed in the Litchfield Superior Court. The defendant was self-insured.

We reached a settlement of $49,000.00.

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