$115,000.00 Knee Injury Stipulated Judgment

The claimant, from Watertown, Connecticut, injured his knee when he slipped on a wet floor at work while working for United Health Group. He required multiple arthroscopic knee surgeries, pain medication and Synvisc injections.

He also had significant preexisting degeneration of the knee and prior knee surgery before his work related accident . His treating physician refused to rate him for permanency. The treating physician speculated that in the future he would require a knee replacement.

The claimant contacted our office and requested that we negotiate a full and final resolution on his behalf. The workers' compensation commission placed a settlement value of $100,000.00 on this case. The insurance carrier offered $50,000.00. Claimant's counsel negotiated a settlement figure of $115,000.00. The claimant is still employed in his capacity as a health insurance professional.


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