Connecticut Workers' Comp $710,000.00 RSD Master Arm Award

I was standing in line in the bank the other day. I heard a teller ridicule another co-worker for filing a Connecticut workers' compensation claim for falling on bank property. I heard the usual negative comments: this was an accident, how dare he file a claim, he's lucky he has a job and his injury isn't that serious. I immediately thought about the old proverb that "ignorance is bliss". I then started to think about the workers' compensation case that I had just settled in the Bridgeport Workers' Compensation District for a substantial high dollar award by way of stipulation. The client, originally from Groton but living in Naugatuck, was a custodial janitor. He was minding his own business when he went to use the mens bathroom at The University of Connecticut at Avery Point. A student pushed the bathroom door open and the claimant's right hand was jammed.

The client developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy known as "RSD" for short. The client also developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to the right upper extremity. The claimant went through a variety of nerve blocks, pain management visits and required the use of neuropathic medications to control his pain. What seemed to be a relatively innocuous injury at first glance became quite disabling and serious to this pleasant hard working Connecticut laborer. In fact, it was serious enough such that he eventually qualified for Social Security Disability. The claimant was assigned a 100% permanent partial disability of his master arm by orthopedist Dr. Warren Burrows of Waterford, Connecticut.The claimant was awarded by the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission in excess of $710,000.00 by way of a full and final stipulation. This stipulation was procured by my office. The Rotatori Law Firm diligently worked on this case for almost four years.

Our office has seen this fact pattern happen over and over again. What initially seems to be on its face a minor injury blows up into a major medical disabling condition. The claimant in our case was smart. He secured counsel. We filed the necessary notice timely and attended many hearings on his behalf to secure that he received the proper workers' compensation indemnity and medical benefits.

If you sustain personal injuries in a Stamford workers' compensation accident feel free to call our office at (203) 626-1446 to see if we can be of help to you. Don't let prejudicial public opinion or fear of your employer stop you from exercising your legal rights to protect your workers' compensation benefits.

Regards, Peter Rotatori, III


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