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The Rotatori Law Firm in September of 2012 successfully settled an automobile collision case for a car accident that happened near the intersection of White Street and Balmforth Avenue in Danbury, Connecticut. The injured plaintiff was a pleasant, hard working women employed as a factory worker in Brewster, New York. She spoke broken English. The defendant operator resided in Danbury, Connecticut. The specific location of the collision and the color of the traffic light were disputed facts which made the case a challenge.

The plaintiff was traveling on White Street when the defendant abruptly made a left hand turn into her lane of travel. The defendant claimed he had a protected green arrow that allowed him to make a left hand turn onto Balmforth Avenue when he collided with the plaintiff within the intersection of White Street and Balmforth Avenue after she had run a red light. The plaintiff claimed that she had a green light and had already proceeded through the intersection as the defendant tried to make a left-hand turn into a Dunkin Donuts parking lot on White Street prior to the intersection.

The defendant had a witness in his car. The plaintiff had no witness to help substantiate her side of the story. The defendant was an unlicensed motor vehicle operator. The police report failed was adverse to the plaintiff's case. The investigating police officer did a poor job investigating the accident. This case was also investigated by the plaintiff's private detective Lara Kolesnik from Woodbury, Connecticut who helped the plaintiff establish the salient material facts.

The plaintiff had moderate crush damage to her car. This car accident resulted in the plaintiff tearing her rotator cuff at her right shoulder which required surgery. The plaintiff's shoulder surgery was performed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Manzo of Waterbury, Connecticut. Attorney Peter Rotatori, III was able to secure all available liability and underinsured motorist insurance coverage available for the plaintiff even after the liability was hotly contested by the underlying automobile insurance carrier.

The plaintiff encountered serious obstacles in proof of defendant owner/ operator insurance settlement exhaustion. The case was settled for $50,000.00 which represented 100% of the liability and underinsured motorist insurance proceeds available to this pleasant plaintiff from Danbury, Connecticut.

Both the underlying liability claim and the underinsured motorist claim were settled simultaneously to insure that the underinsured motorist carrier was satisfied that a good faith effort by the plaintiff was made to prove defendant owner/operator exhaustion.

Regards, Peter Rotatori, III

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