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Connecticut Premises Liability: Snow Ice and Wind Roof Failure


The Rotatori Law Firm would like to thank the outstanding civil engineering firm of George Torello, Engineers, PC. for a seminar they provided on October 25, 2011 on Roof Failures in Connecticut. This informative seminar was given in Litchfield, Connecticut at the Tollgate Hill Inn. The topics covered factor of safety design philosophies in roof construction, ice damming in the Connecticut winter of 2010-2011, fact specific examples of snow, ice and wind roof failures, large tree failure from tree rot and the importance of proper installation of roof trusses. There were a number of local building officials, contractors and civil engineers in attendance. There was a wonderful presentation made by Dr. Howard I. Epstein, PhD,PE., a professor at the UConn School of Engineering.

This civil premises liability attorney learned some rudimentary concepts on the calculation of load combinations including how various building materials and weather conditions interface in the failure of a structure. If any homeowner or attorney needs a civil structural engineer for any reason including roof failure or the investigation of a defective premises in a premises liability negligence case, they should consider calling George Torello Engineering Company. They are experienced in civil construction, standards of care in premises liability cases, the State of Connecticut Building Code, the International Residential Code and International Building Code. They are prompt, curteous and competent experts in their field of Connecticut Civil Engineering. Thank you George!