Meeting Your Personal Injury Lawyer For The First Time

You have never been in an accident before, and now you have just suffered a myriad of personal injuries because someone else was negligent in Connecticut. Your personal injuries may flow from an automobile car accident, a slip and fall, a defective product, work related accident or possibly healthcare negligence to say the least.

Well, what do you do? It's not that complicated an answer. You get some basic factual information together, and you call our office.

When you call our office, you can talk to our office support staff. They will ask you some basic questions. The questions they will ask you will focus on the type of case you may have, where your accident happened, whether you have witnesses, a police report, if applicable, and whether you have various forms of insurance. Additional questions may focus on prior injuries and prior accidents. The office staff will also do a conflicts resolution check to see if we have, in the past, represented the defendant or defendants in your case.

An office appointment can then be made to see me at a convenient time for you. At our initial client meeting, we will talk about the facts of your case, the liability or "fault" issues and your damages. A complex case may require an expert or a variety of experts. I may suggest that a private investigator is hired to secure witnesses, statements, photographs, and other evidence. Additionally areas up for discussion will include your medical treatment and what reasonable expectations exist for your type of case.

I will personally answer any questions that you have. I may advise you that research may be required on various legal topics in your case. Most importantly, I will provide you with the guidance needed so that you understand and feel more comfortable with how the process will work.

In addition to discussing the liability elements of your case, we will also discuss your damages. Your damages may include economic damages for wage loss and medical bills. Your damages will also include noneconomic damages for pain, and possibly permanent injury and an alteration in your lifestyle.

The initial office conference is an integral part of cementing a strong lawyer-client bond. We try to allocate at least a couple of hours so that we properly secure the necessary information to get your case off on a "good footing." On many occasions, we will schedule a follow-up appointment at the initial conference. The purpose of the follow-up appointment will be to go over additional documents with you or possibly have you meet an expert such as an engineer. The expert will help develop the application of the facts of your case to the applicable legal theories in your case.

Finally, upon the signing of a retainer agreement, we will formally begin the task of representing you to the conclusion of your legal matter. I hope this personal injury blog gives you some basic fundamental information on how the initial client office conference is initiated, set up and developed. As a 22 year practicing Connecticut personal injury attorney for Stamford, Southbury, and beyond, I look forward to talking with you and representing you in your civil negligence case.

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