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Cape Cod Car Accident Settlement


Attorney Peter Rotatori, III in Southbury, Connecticut working with The Law Offices of John Manoog of Hyannis, Massachusettes recently settled a rear end collision car accident case for $175,000.00. The plaintiff was a Naugatuck, Connecticut housewife. She was rear ended in downtown Hyannis, Massachusettes while on vacation on the Fourth of July at the Cape. The defendant was an Easton, Massachusettes resident and college student. The plaintiff was hit at a moderate rate of speed while sitting in a pickup truck waiting for parade traffic to clear. The plaintiff injured her neck and low back. She initially had physical therapy for the cervical spine. The rear end collision also aggravated underlying preexisting lumbar degenerative disc disease and spondylosis. The plaintiff had a prior lumbar surgery less than six months prior to her auto accident.

The motor vehicle collision on the Fourth of July resulted in an aggravation of the low back which resulted in a second delayed low back surgery. The surgery was performed by Dr. Alan Waitze, a neurosurgeon of NOSS in Waterbury, Connecticut. The plaintiff suffered a ten percent impairment to her low back.

Attorney John Manoog of Hyannis filed suit in the Barnstable Superior Court in Massachusettes for the plaintiff. On the eve of trial and after discovery was completed with multiple depositions, the underlying policy limits were tendered by the defendant's carrier. This was negotiated by attorney Manoog. The plaintiff's Connecticut underinsured motorist carrier then settled the underinsured motorist case after conducting an Examination Under Oath or EUO as it is often called per the terms of the plaintiff's Connecticut automobile policy. The Rotatori Law Firm defended the examination under oath and negotiated the underinsured motorist settlement on behalf of the injured insured housewife from Naugatuck, Connecticut.

This two part case had complex medical causation issues as well as choice of law automobile insurance underinsured motorist coverage issues. It took five years to completely resolve in favor of the Connecticut insured plaintiff.

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