Waterbury Workers' Compensation Knee Stipulation Award

The Rotatori Law Firm recently settled a medically complex right knee work related personal injury fall case on behalf of our client, a Connecticut bank branch manager. The case was filed in the Waterbury workers' compensation office. The claimant, an active and physically fit Old Saybrook resident, tripped on an eisle tripod at work while on the job in Madison, Connecticut. Our client sustained a chondral injury to her knee. However, when the MRI was performed, the radiologist failed to find a meniscus tear. What was noted in the MRI report was "fraying of the lateral meniscus". The radiologist's MRI reading made the causation of the medical condition to the work related accident dicey at best. However, the claimant's injury was very painful and disabling as she sustained significant right knee cartilage damage from the fall.

Ultimately, a well known Waterbury orthopedic surgeon performed arthroscopic knee surgery on the claimant. The claimant also had a series of supartz injections which is a joint fluid therapy. The claimant was rated at a 15% impairment of the leg at or above the knee. The case was fully resolved on behalf of the claimant. The specific indemnity benefit and stipulation award totalled $132,600.00. The stipulation included a healthy Medicare set aside evaluation for future claimant medical care.


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