$81,000.00 Workers' Compensation Left Index Finger and Elbow Injury Settlement

The claimant, a resident of Waterbury, was cutting wood on a table saw while working for the Respondent, a company with its home office in Plainville, Connecticut. In the process of performing his job, the claimant slipped on petroleum and cut a digit off of his index finger. He also struck his left elbow on the table saw. In addition to suffering a partial amputation of his index finger, he sustained a cubital tunnel injury at his left elbow that required surgery by a Waterbury orthopedic surgeon. A prosthetic finger was made for the claimant by Hanger clinic. The claimant was assigned a 50% loss of his left index finger and a 3% impairment of the non-master upper extremity. The case was resolved for $81,000.00 which included the permanent partial disability indemnity award along with new money stipulation proceeds. The case was filed in the 5th Workers' Compensation District located in Waterbury, Connecticut.

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