$146,300.00 Neck & Shoulder Workers' Compensation Settlement

The claimant, a maintenance man from Waterbury, Connecticut, injured his cervical spine and shoulder while moving a three hundred pound snow blower for Meyers Supply in Naugatuck, Connecticut. In the process of moving the snow blower he herniated a disc in his cervical spine and tore the rotator cuff at the shoulder. He was treated by neurosurgeon Dr. Alan Waitze of NOSS who performed a single level fusion. He was also treated by Dr. William Flynn who performed a rotator cuff repair. He was assigned a fifteen percent impairment of the cervical spine and a fifteen percent impairment of his upper extremity. The case was settled for $146,300.00 inclusive of the permanent partial disability benefits and the full and final stipulation proceeds. The case was filed in the Waterbury, Connecticut workers' compensation fifth district by workers' compensation attorney Peter Rotatori, Ill.

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