$49,000 Automobile Personal Injury Settlement


The plaintiff was a young women from Waterbury, Connecticut who was operating a Buick Century on Bunker Hill Road in Watertown, Connecticut when the defendant nurse, operating a Subaru Legacy, made a left hand turn into the plaintiff's lane of travel. The defendant failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to yield the right of way to a vehicle that was within an intersection while he intended to turn left within the intersection. There was significant crush damage to the plaintiffs car. The automobile had to be removed from the accident scene by a flatbed truck.

The plaintiff was diabetic. The defendant offered the plaintiff no medical help but rather, denied responsibility to the investigating police officer. There were two witnesses who confirmed the plaintiff's story. The plaintiff suffered neck pain, shoulder pain, low back strain and "dashboard knee". Two months earlier, the plaintiff had complained about low back pain and headaches to her primary care physician.

The plaintiff was assigned a five percent impairment of her cervical spine by her treating chiropractic physician Dr. Steven Levy of Woodbury. There was minimal wage loss. The case was settled with the carrier after the defendant was served by the state marshal with process. Prior to retaining counsel, the plaintiff, who was only 21 years of age, was offered nuisance value by the insurance carrier.


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