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CT Car Accident Lawyer Settlement Blog


The plaintiff motor vehicle operator was an LPN from Wolcott, Connecticut. She was hit by a Propsect, Connecticut defendant on New Years day in 2012 in Prospect, Connecticut on a local road. The defendant crossed over the center of the roadway while driving around a blind corner. The defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to keep his automobile under proper and reasonable control and failed to operate his motor vehicle on the right side of the road in violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. 14-230. The force of the impact caused the plaintiff's front air bag to deploy. The plaintiff suffered a concussion, post concussive syndrome, dizziness, bruises from the seat belt. The plaintiff had mild prexisting cognitive deficits that were aggravated by the automobile collision.The plaintiff treated with a Danbury neurologist. The head trauma symptoms were reported as back to baseline within nine months from the date of the accident as noted in the medical record by the treating Danbury, Connecticut neurologist. A law suit was filed in the Waterbury Superior Court on behalf of the plaintiff. The law suit settled after suit for $67,500.00.

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