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$75,000 Recovered in Bristol Workers' Comp Case


Workers’ comp cases can arise in nearly any work place. Even when it seems that your injuries are straightforward, securing compensation can be more difficult than you may expect. That is why it is best to be prepared just in case you have to undergo the process of trying to reach a settlement or bringing a lawsuit forward against and employer.

At The Rotatori Law Firm, we cannot stress how important it is to hire an aggressive lawyer for workplace accidents. In these type of cases, employers are usually reluctant to admit fault or part with their money. If you are left to deal with settling a case on your own, you could receive grossly inadequate compensation. This was demonstrated in a case we took on for one of our clients and just recently resolved.

Holding an Employer Accountable for Denying Fair Compensation

A short order cook at a sports bar in Bristol, Connecticut suffered serious injuries after performing duties outside his job requirements. It all begin when his employer asked him to change an outside band sign. The task required the employee to balance on an eight foot ladder and switch out letters on the sign. During this process, the claimant fell off, landing on his elbow and incurring substantial injuries to his arm, resulting in the need for prompt medical attention.

Once the claimant was able to undergo a thorough examination by an orthopedic surgeon, it was evident that surgery would be needed. The claimant required two left elbow surgeries, one of those was a post ulnar nerve transposition. He was also examined by a doctor at the Hand Center in Glastonbury, CT. It was determined that he had sustained a 23.5% permanent partial impairment of his left arm, which would limit his working abilities.

When it was uncovered that his employer was not truthfully reporting the wages to his workers’ compensation carrier, we quickly pursued justice in his case. Our firm was able to get his workers’ compensation rate raised by a substantial amount, securing $75,000 on his behalf.

This case demonstrates how important it is to have knowledgeable and insightful representation in workers’ comp cases. If you have been injured while on the job, contact our firm today and we can review your case.