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Legal success is measured by performing well on a consistent basis over a long period of time working with the factual parameters of your case. The Rotatori Law Firm in Stamford has again settled another rear end automobile collision case for a healthy robust dollar amount after filing suit in the Waterbury Superior Court. The plaintiff was a twenty-eight year old medical billing specialist from Naugatuck. She was rear ended on Prospect Street in Naugatuck while stationary by a Southington, Connecticut defendant. Her compact car was pushed a car length at impact. The plaintiff's head and shoulder hit the steering wheel post impact. The defendant was negligent in failing to keep a proper lookout and failing to keep her motor vehicle under proper and reasonable control. The defendant was unable to provide an explanation for why she hit the plaintiff.

The plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries to her cervical spine, thoracic spine, shoulder. She also suffered headaches post accident. The client sustained moderate wage loss. She treated with Dr. Dennis Rodin, orthopedic surgeon from Waterbury, Connecticut, Dr. John Gevinsky a pain management specialist from Waterbury, Connecticut and Dr. Steven Levy a chiropractic physician from Woodbury, Connecticut. She was assigned a 4% impairment of her cervical spine and a 6% impairment of her shoulder. The client suffered moderate shoulder impingement and headaches that substantially resolved over time. The plaintiff had no significant prexisting conditions.

Plaintiff's counsel presented documentation to the defendant's automobile liability carrier carrier that the plaintiff's health insurance premiums significantly exceeded the plaintiff's health insurance payments and write offs. The net result was that the defendant had no collateral offset against the plaintiff's economic medical special damages. The case settled approximately two years after the accident for a healthy soft tissue settlement of $ 70,000.00. The automobile liability carrier for the defendant, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, performed a thorough and detailed review of the contents of the plaintifff's factual evidence and medical documentation. The plaintiff was also assisted by private detective Lara Kolesnik who helped develop the facts of the case.

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