Litchfield County Connecticut Car Accident Cervical Strain Settlement

What is the value of a soft tissue cervical strain personal injury in a double impact rear end collision car accident in Litchfield County Connecticut where the plaintiff had overlapping medical priors? Personal injury attorney Peter Rotatori, III of The Rotatori Law Firm recently settled such a case for $37,500.00. The plaintiff machinist from Watertown, Connecticut, was operating his automobile on Waterbury Road in Thomaston, Connecticut. He came to a stop caused by backed up traffic and a non contact vehicle making a left hand turn into a car dealers' private driveway. He was rear ended caused by a motor vehicle defendant operator from Barkhamsted, Connecticut. This operator rear ended the motor vehicle in back of the plaintiff causing a "chain reaction" as the operator in back of the plaintiff was rear ended and then pushed into the plaintiff's motor vehicle. The plaintiff was then forcefully pushed into the car in front of him sustaining a "double impact". There was moderate "hood" crush damage to the plaintiff's automobile. The defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to keep his motor vehicle under reasonable control and was travelling too fast for the road conditions. This motor vehicle accident was investigated by private detective Lara Kolesnik of Woodbury, Connecticut who documented the salient facts of a tricky liability proof with potential multiple car apportionment issues.

The plaintiff operator's head hit the back of the seat. He suffered headaches, traumatic cervical intervetebral disc syndrome, cervical strain and dizziness. His headaches resolved.The dizziness resolved and the plaintiff was left with neck stiffness. The operator plaintiff treated with chiropractic physician Dr. Steven Levy of Woodbury, Connecticut who provided skilled chiropractic care that included manipulation, acupuncture, electical stimulation and traction. Dr. Levy was willing to treat the patient without plaintiff health insurance coverage. His care was a significant factor in the plaintiff's recovery.

The client was left with a five percent impairment of the whole person for injury to the cervical spine under the Fifth Edition of the AMA Guide Category 2 DRE. The plaintiff was a 46 year old machinist/ laborer who missed four days of work. He worked through his pain much to his credit. His medical and chiropractic treatment lasted less than one year. The plaintiff had a 31.5 year life expectancy as noted under the applicable CDC life table. He also had a prior motor vehicle accident approximately two years earlier sustaining a similar type of injury.

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