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Automobile accident settlement after suit for a Naugatuck, Connecticut housewife who was rear ended at a moderate rate of speed. The plaintiff injured her neck and low back. The plaintiff had a prior low back surgery performed by NOSS. The rear end collision aggravated the underlying lumbar degenerative disc disease at the low back. A second low back surgery was performed three years after the accident. The plaintiff was left with a ten percent additional impairment of the low back after the second surgery.


1 Panel Arbitration Awards

A Waterbury, Connecticut handyman fell down basement stairs in a multiple family home in Bristol, Connecticut which was under renovation. The plaintiff handyman injured his low back which was the result of a defective stairway premises. The handyman was not working on the basement stairs at issue in the case. The stairway was constructed in 1900. The treads were excessively short and the handrail too low. The plaintiff's civil engineer had an office in New Haven County. The plaintiff argued that subsequent building codes were competent, relevant and material evidence of a standard of safety under Considine v The City of Waterbury 279 Conn 830, 863 905 A.2d 70 (2006). The defense argued the contractor was an unlicensed trespasser and was not owed a duty of due care by the property owner. The only witness to the fall was a handyman helper. The plaintiff aggravated lumbar spondylosis and had lumbar surgery almost 5 years after the fall. The plaintiff's neurosurgeon causally related the low back surgery as an aggravation of a preexisting back condition. A collateral offset was then subsequently applied to the award in this premises liability arbitration award. The case was initially filed as a civil action in the Waterbury, Connecticut Superior Court before being withdrawn and then arbitrated by the agreement of the parties. This case was heard by a Connecticut "neutral" arbitrator from the Greater Waterbury area who had extensive litigation and trial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants. The defendants had let the commercial liability premises insurance policy lapse which took effect the following day after the plaintiff's fall. The plaintiff was still covered under the policy and monetary damages were paid after collateral offsets were applied by law. The defense failed to offer any evidence from the defense medical examination.


3 Panel Arbitration Awards

Bristol, Connecticut school bus driver received a personal injury arbitration award by a three panel arbitration board where a physically and emotionally challenged defendant fell on top of her arm while boarding a special needs school bus. The case was removed from the civil court system and arbitrated by agreement of the parties. The plaintiff required multiple shoulder surgeries. The defense alleged that the defendant owed no legal duty to the plaintiff bus driver because of her physical and mental condition.


3 Panel Arbitration Awards

A three panel automobile accident arbitration award for a Chief Operating Officer from Florida injured in a rear end collision in Brookfield, Connecticut. The petitioner had substantial crush damage to her motor vehicle. A lawsuit was initially filed in the Litchfield, Connecticut Superior Court. The case was withdrawn from the civil jury system and was arbitrated by the agreement of the parties after numerous pretrials with the court. The arbitration agreement was executed on or about a trial management conference.The petitioner aggravated underlying active cervical degeneration. The petitioner had two prior motor vehicle collisions with cervical injuries. The petitioner also had a prior work related shoulder injury and a post motor vehicle accident work related shoulder injury. The petitioner suffered an aggravation of chronic cervical spondylosis at multiple levels from her motor vehicle rear end collision. The panel assigned twenty-five percent impairment to her cervical spine apportioning ten percent to her prior condition and fifteen percent to her rear end collision. Past medical special economic damages awarded were approximately $31,000.00. Future economic damages awarded were $35,000.00 for medication, therapy and injections. Approximately $84,000.00 was awarded for non economic damages. Medical proof for an aggravation of cervical spondylosis was made with a top notch Greater Waterbury area neurosurgeon who testified at the arbitration hearing. The arbitration panel was composed of three outstanding and experienced personal injury trial lawyers from the greater Waterbury area who had an in excess of 70 years of combined legal experience.


Alarm Company Liability

A plaintiff brought suit against our client, a highly reputable alarm company, due to alarm failure in an attempted burglary in Seymour, Connecticut. A count in unfair trade practices was brought against our client. The alarm company's insurance company would not pay any settlement or judgment on the unfair trade practice legal theory. They issued a reservation of rights letter. We aggressively brought a declaratory judgment action against the insurance company and also defended the unfair trade count brought by the plaintiff. The unfair trade count was withdrawn. The client paid no money personally to the defendant out of pocket.


Animal Attack

Civil settlement after suit where a plaintiff suffered cervical spine and neck soft tissue injuries when a quarter horse from Southbury, Connecticut leaped livestock fencing after fireworks discharge in Oxford, Connecticut. The defendant initially denied both notice and a duty of care to the plaintiff. This case was reconstructed with fireworks discharge records and eye witness accounts. Plaintiff's counsel hired an internationally trained quarter horse trainer as his expert.


Civil Automobile/ Car Accident

The plaintiff, an LPN, was hit head on in Prospect, Connecticut after the defendant failed to keep his motor vehicle on the right side of the roadway while negotiating a curve. The plaintiff suffered a concussion and post concussive syndrome. The plaintiff had a preexisting cognitive disorder. Within nine months of the automobile accident the plaintiff was back to baseline as reported by her Danbury, Connecticut neurologist. Suit was filed in the Waterbury Superior Court.


Civil Automobile/Car Accident

The plaintiff was a young women from Waterbury, Connecticut who was operating a Buick Century on Bunker Hill Road in Watertown, Connecticut when the defendant nurse, operating a Subaru Legacy, made a left hand turn into the plaintiff's lane of travel. The defendant failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to yield the right of way to a vehicle that was within an intersection while he intended to turn left within the intersection. There was significant crush damage to the plaintiffs car. The automobile had to be removed from the accident scene by a flatbed truck. The plaintiff was diabetic. The defendant offered the plaintiff no medical help but rather, denied responsibility to the investigating police officer. There were two witnesses who confirmed the plaintiff's story. The plaintiff suffered neck pain, shoulder pain, low back strain and "dashboard knee". Two months earlier, the plaintiff had complained about low back pain and headaches to her primary care physician. The plaintiff was assigned a five percent impairment of her cervical spine by her treating chiropractic physician Dr. Steven Levy of Woodbury. There was minimal wage loss. The case was settled with the carrier after the defendant was served by the state marshal with process. Prior to retaining counsel, the plaintiff, who was only 21 years of age, was offered nuisance value by the insurance carrier.


Civil Automobile/Car Accident

Client was rear ended and suffered several injuries in the collision. We recovered full policy limits of $100,000.00 for our client.


Civil Automobile/Car Accident

Civil automobile settlement after suit for a Torrington, Connecticut plaintiff. The defendant, a Goshen, Connecticut resident ran a red traffic light on Route 202 at a four way intersection in Torrington, Connecticut. The plaintiff was a rear seated passenger in an SUV. The driver/operator of the SUV was well within the intersection when the defendant drove his work van into the intersection causing a high speed collision. The defendant van operator failed to keep a proper lookout. He testified by way of deposition that he was blinded by sun glare. He also gave inconsistent deposition testimony. The plaintiff suffered a rib fracture, closed head injury, soft tissue neck injury and soft tissue low back injury. The closed head injury resolved without any permanent injury or residual cognitive impairment. The case was filed in the Litchfield superior court in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Reported settlements, verdicts, judgments and arbitration awards are based on the merits of each case. The outcome of all legal actions and claims are fact and law sensitive. The reported favorable resolutions do not mean that a future client's case or any case has the same ascertainable fixed value.

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